So, let's say you've officially booked your DREAM photographer. (Aka me!)
Now what happens?

You and I get to talk about your wedding in much more detail!

What are you most excited for? What's the most important thing you want me to capture on your big day? Are you having a bridal party? 

These questions, plus more, are going to help me
know how I can serve YOU best.

Photo taken while shadowing Gillian Menzie Photography

Once we have all that information figured out, then comes the
wedding day itself!

To ensure you have the best experience (and receive the most photos), I always plan to arrive at the venue early so I have adequate time to set up my gear and scope things out. 

Arriving early allows me to be able to start shooting at our agreed upon time, instead of later!

Every photographer has their own unique personality and methods they use to shoot, yeah?

A quality I've developed is being able to take charge when necessary, but also fading into the background to capture those candid moments. Documenting your beautiful day as it happens naturally while simultaneously capturing stunning posed moments just adds to the experience!

Now You Might Be Thinking...

"But I'm not photogenic enough," or, "Every other bride I see is so much prettier than I am."


I'll be there to walk and guide you through different poses and prompts that not only make you look beautiful, but FEEL beautiful as well.

And guys, that goes for you too! I don't believe in the word "beautiful" being used to only describe women. :)

P.S., having engagement photos taken before the wedding is a great way to get those
in-front-of-the-camera jitters out without the pressure you might feel on your wedding day!

Oh, And By The Way?

Trust that I'll be tearing it up on the dance floor with you, camera in hand. Consider the skill "taking photos while dancing to songs like Footloose and Copperhead Road" absolutely nailed.

Taken while shadowing Leah Thomason Photography