hey there!

My name is Lacey!

This is where you get to learn more about me. From how I started photography, all the way down to my favorite color! After all, you deserve to personally know just who you have behind the lens!

I started taking photos at a very young age.

I was the three year old walking around with the pink Fisher Price kid's camera taking photos of everyone. Since then, I've gone through probably five or six different cameras as my skill set grows. Don't worry, I've graduated to a professional-level camera. :)

how it all started

December 2008

December 2018

August 2021

how it's been going

In the early months of 2022,
my life changed.

I was asked to second shoot a wedding for the very first time. At that point, I'd only photographed families and children, with some self-portraits mixed in there when I got bored.

That wedding day in 2022 sparked something inside of me:
I discovered my passion for the art of photographing weddings and couples.

February 2023

September 2023

October 2023

When the camera is off

Life isn't all work, though!
You gotta have a balance.

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll probably be able to find me on my way to a thrift store, huddled underneath the covers of my bed watching YouTube, or listening to music while scrolling Pinterest. 

To be honest? At least one of these usually happens with a coffee in hand. At this point coffee is definitely in my bloodstream.



My favorites

Music Artists

TV Shows

Water, coffee (Iced mocha lattes are superior), lemonade, those H-E-B lemon-flavored Italian soda's

Yung Pleit, Dominic Fike, NF, Madison Beer, Louis Tomlinson, Lxst, The Band CAMINO, YSBTril, 5SOS, One Direction

(can you tell?),
yellow, blue, pink, black, white

Heartland, The Great British Baking Show, Gilmore Girls, Cobra Kai, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (the TV show)

Did we just become best friends?!

Photo taken while shadowing Megan Smart Photography